Make Monday your best day of the week!

Make Monday your best day of the week!
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Monday sucks! Weekend is over, back to work only to start a new countdown for next weekend!

“I’ve got a lot of paperwork on Mondays”, “I have a lot of work on Mondays” and if that wasn’t enough… People are more likely to have a heart attack on a Monday (Researchs shown)!

Don’t panic! Is only how you perceive days, situations, everything that is happening in your life. The way we view Monday is a matter of choice.

Most people choose to loathe Mondays, because they loathe Mondays. They convince themselves that Monday is a really bad day, so as expected they experience the stress on Mondays and all the bad things happen on Mondays.

At any point, we can choose to find the reasons why Monday is a great day. It is as simple as changing our mind. Better, reprogram your mind and reshape the way you think.

You have to know that when you expect something to be bad, it usually is. When you go to sleep on Sunday night with stress and with a feeling that the next day will be the worst day and it will be debilitating and workloaded, definitely your brain will be working all night to prove that your thoughts are correct!

Many people wake up on Monday morning and assume that is a “just another Monday”. Subconsciously and sometimes consciously, they are looking for something negative to happen, and it usually does.

We have to change the way of thinking. We have to re-train our brain to how we see Mondays.

What is the meaning of a lazy Friday? Some times people are exhausted and slacking, they immersed in their inaction on the weekends and sleep all the time.

My philosophy is, that we prove to ourselves and to other people we are lazy, idly and meaningless not the days we have to be at work, but in our free time! In our free time we will reveal if we are lazy indeed.

Monday is beautiful. Like a new trip, like a new day, like a new life, like Monday… Something new begins! A new week with challenges, goals and something to expect! Αnywhere you work, and when you work, try to create. Creation is very important to all human beings. Creation is the heart of the soul. So do not grumble, do not complain for a nice special day, but just see Monday as a beginning. Set your new plans and your new goals. Wake up with a smile. Wake up dancing or enjoy your new weeks coffee…

Make beautiful things on Monday. Then, make a commitment to yourself that Monday will be the most wonderful day of the week!


James Alexopoulos
Author/NLP Coach/Consultant/Speaker

Emeis Magazine

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